The Femette Bedtime Routine Chart – How To Get Your Baby Into A Sleep Routine

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December 9, 2017

The Femette Bedtime Routine Chart – How To Get Your Baby Into A Sleep Routine

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One thing that you are often told when you get pregnant is ‘make the most of your sleep!’. It’s certainly true that the sleepless nights and early morning waking which are part and parcel of life with a newborn can prove very difficult for some parents. Whilst some little ones happily settle into a convenient baby sleep routineothers can be a little harder to convince that night-time really is for sleeping – and not for staying up playing with mum and dad.

We’re often asked for advice from new parents about how to get baby into a routine so we have created the Femettebaby sleep routine guide especially for you. This easy to follow baby routine will take you all the way from birth and will help you throughout the first year of your baby’s life. By following our simple and common sensebedtime routinechartyou should start to ease your baby into a regular sleeping pattern that works for both of you!

When should you start getting baby into a routine?

As you can see we have started the routine from the first week of your baby’s life and we think that it really is best to get started as soon as you come home from the hospital. Getting into a newborn bedtime routine early will help you to feel calmer and more in control and will mean that your baby will get the sleep that they need to thrive and grow.

Will this baby bedtime routine help parents get more sleep too?

Yes! We believe that happy parents mean happy babies and so the more rested and relaxed you are the better you will be able to cope with the challenges and changes that a new baby brings.  It’s really important to engage your partner in your newborn sleep routinetoo. If you are expressing or bottle feeding they can take over the 10pm feed allowing you to have an early night. And, if you are breastfeeding, then they can help by making sure you are well fed and rested and they can ensure that they help you implement the baby bedtimeroutine. It’s also vital that you make the most of baby’s nap time and if possible try and sleep or relax too during that time so that you are re-charged and ready to go when your little one wakes up.

Should I let my baby sleep during the day?

Whilst babies will need to nap during the day we think thata crucial part of getting baby into a routine is that you should limit naps and make sure that they don’t sleep for too long during the day. We have found that babies who are kept awake for longer during the day have more opportunity to feed which means less waking for a 3am meal!

What baby routine should I follow when my little one is awake?

Babies need love, feeding and stimulation when they are awake. Singing to them, talking to them, taking them outside and playing with them during tummy time are all great activities to do with your little one. As well as helping with their physical and emotional development this active time means that they will be tired and ready to sleep at nap time and bed time. We have learnt that the quality of the time spent with your baby when they are awake really is linked to the quality of their sleep at night. Working out how to get baby into a routine during the day can take time and it’s important to find one that works well for both of you.

What if the baby sleep routine doesn’t work?

At Femette we have learnt that following ababy bedtime routine is the single most important thing you can do to mean that you both get a full nights sleep. Babies love the comfort that routine brings them and so it’s really important for you to be consistent. Of course little ones and their mums are only human so don’t worry or get disheartened if you have a couple of bad nights. Keep going with the baby sleep routine and you should notice a real difference in your infant’s sleep patterns.

We hope that you find out baby sleep routine helpful for both yourself and your newborn. We’d love to know how you get on with our bedtime routine chart. If you have any other great ideas about how to get baby into a routineor would like to share your baby routinewith us why not tweet us on @FemetteUK or chat to us on our Facebook page.

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