Laura, eldest of her sisters, was born in Ireland and later moved to England at the age of eight. Being the responsible and maternal one, she was always left in charge of her younger siblings and developed this innate care for children.She grew up in a family pub and found a way to entertain at children’s birthday parties hosted in the pub, as a face painter or a magician. Laura loved baby care and did babysitting for many families in her neighbourhood and was loved by all.

Laura moved to London at the age of eighteen to pursue her career in accounting, where she met the love of her life.After working a year in the Cayman Islands, she moved back to England and got married with big dreams of having a large family in the country.And soon enough, her dreams came true when she moved to her new home in Hertfordshire and started raising a family. She is back to baby care and now a mother to three beautiful children, Pauric, Alessia and Emilia. Laura just loves the 0-6 months baby care stage the most.

Laura naturally fit into the role of a mother despite her immense dedication to her career. She took motherhood as her job, and treated it as such. Laura herself came from a large family and knew the struggles of raising one, but recognized it as very rewarding.

She believes that what is good for the mother can only be good for the baby and that a happy, stress-free mother results in a happy and thriving baby.According to her, motherhood requires boundaries, routine, consistency and respect.

Laura has a very matter-of-fact style of parenting, paired with real-life experiences and a practical approach that appeals to any reader.She is also very relatable, as a mother of three, and understands the problems and issues faced by parents and how to overcome them.
New mothers can feel quite isolated at times and Laura explains the need to find other likeminded mothers for support.She believes in doing this face-to-face rather than doing it onlinewhich doesn’t help much with the isolation.Laura intends to use all her personal experiences as a mother to help others overcome the difficulties she’s seen with so many parents and enjoy the early months with their babies.

'motherhood requires boundaries, routine and consistency'

The secret to an easy life