baby bump video

Create a lasting memory of your baby bump week by week with a pregnancy bump video
Finding out you’re expecting a baby is probably one of the most exciting and defining moments of a woman’s life. It’s amazing to think that there is a little life beginning to grow inside you and you become aware of the ways that your body will change over the coming 9 months. We know that many mums-to-be really want to capture the precious moments of their pregnancy and create memories that they can share with their friends and family – and even with their children in years to come! That’s why pregnancy videos are becoming so popular.

When Femette founder Laura Donnellan became pregnant she wanted to find an innovative way to record this wonderful journey. After some research she decided to create a video of her baby bump week by week to make sure she remembered every single moment of her 3 pregnancies. It’s an inspirational idea and a lovely way to ensure that you never forget the joy of being pregnant. We wanted to share it with you so that you can see how it works and get some ideas if you wish to create your own pregnancy bump video.

Why you should film a record of your pregnancy week by week
Although those 9 special months seem to last forever when you’re waiting to meet your little one, in reality it goes by in a blink of an eye and you’ll soon have forgotten what it was like to be pregnant. Taking the time to create a baby bump video means you have a daily record of how both you and your baby have changed during those months. It also gives you a real life diary of your pregnancy and it can often be a nice idea to add texts or comments into your video about how you are feeling and your thoughts about your pregnancy and baby each day. It’s also a fascinating insight into the changes that happen from your first 8 weeks pregnant belly pictures to the final pictures you take before you give birth

How to create a pregnancy bump video:

Creating your pregnancy bump video is really easy and the great thing about it is that anyone can do it. All you need is a camera on your computer or iPhone and you’re ready to go. Then you’ll need to decide where you want the photo to be taken. The difference is most dramatic if you pose it in the same place each day – then you can really see the changes in your baby bump week by week. You’ll also want to consider what to wear. If you are feeling daring then just your underwear or a bikini is great as you can really see that bump grow. If not then wear something plain and fairly figure hugging so that you can easily see the changes in your body.

2. Add some pregnancy video props!
Sometimes it might be fun to add some seasonal props to your baby bump video to highlight the time that has gone by as your pregnancy bump grows week by week. Maybe you could add some rabbit ears to your bump at Easter or turn it into a pumpkin with face paints for Halloween. You could even decorate your bump with some tinsel at Christmas. The important thing is to make your pregnancy bump video fun. Get your partner involved too. Perhaps he could be with you in every photo or he might just want to make some guest appearances along the way at key milestones such as your 12 week baby bump picture.

3.Edit your pregnancy bump video with music, graphics or special effects
Nowadays with all the fantastic apps available everyone can be a video editor so you can have some fun as you record your baby bump week by week. Get creative and make the most of your imagination to really personalise your video. It can also be a nice touch to add some music in too. This could be a song with a special meaning to you and your partner or something to go with your mood and the way that you feel about your pregnancy.

Share your baby bump video with friends and family!
Although your pregnancy videos are a lovely private memento for you and your partner your wider friends and family will love to see them too. It’s particularly nice if you have relatives who you don’t see very often. They’ll be amazed at seeing how you have grown and the difference between your tiny 8 weeks pregnant belly and the fully grown 40 week bump! We’d love to hear all the creative and innovative ideas you have used for your pregnancy bump video so get in touch with us on Twitter @FemetteUK or our Facebook page to share your baby bump week by week.